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Our Mission

Developing Sustainable Metals in Partnership with Communities



Critical minerals are the building blocks of a sustainable energy future. We need more mines as soon as possible for electric vehicles, energy storage, and renewables.


But it can take decades to go from discovery to production, and less than 1% of discoveries commercialize.


To meet this challenge, we are targeting smaller, economic-grade resources that the traditional mining business model overlooks. Our modular mines will have lower costs, lower environmental impacts, and shorter development times, accessing an overlooked source of supply.


Our goal is to deliver balanced, positive impacts to investors and stakeholders through a repeatable and collaborative process that emphasizes Indigenous and community involvement from the start. This includes building a project that reflects the shared values of our partners while using data analytics, low-to-no impact exploration methods, and new approaches to resource extraction. 

the good pillars

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good relations

Partnering with Indigenous & local communities, we will design projects with a shared set of values, collaborating across the energy metals value chain.

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good places

Smaller, economic grade deposits in areas with existing road and power access allow us to develop resources with minimal impact.

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good technology

Innovative, low-impact exploration techniques enable our approach. Development will incorporate circular and modular infrastructure design.


good impact

Balancing returns for shareholders, the community, and other stakeholders is the minimum. Then, we plan to expand our impact with the power of data.

modular mining

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Our portfolio of projects in southwest British Columbia, Canada, are prospective for energy metals like nickel, copper, and zinc. In one of the best mining jurisdictions in the world, Common Good Mining focuses on projects with existing access and infrastructure to minimize disturbance in all phases of development. This includes areas with nearby roads, power lines, ports, and rail. 


Targeting high-grade projects with a  modular mining approach, we plan to deliver critical minerals into the supply gap while co-creating the impact communities want to see. 

Mabel West and Emory Creek below are two of the projects in our continuously growing portoflio  focused on energy metals like nickel, copper, and zinc.

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Common Good Mining believes that mining is about more than metals. Our team of purpose-led experts have come together to demonstrate a new approach to mining that maximizes returns for everyone -- stakeholders, shareholders, and the environment. As a registered BC Benefit Corp, delivering positive impacts is in our company DNA.


We are on a mission to develop sustainable energy metals projects in partnership with local communities, mining for the common good.

Our core values are:

  • Net Positive Impacts for Communities

  • An Equal, Diverse, and Safe corporate culture 

  • Truth and Reconciliation

  • Environmental Protection

  • Transparent business practices 

Anjum Mullick, VP Operations of Common Good Mining

Anjum Mullick

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Chief Operating and Sustainability Officer

James Crosbie, Chief Data Officer of Common Good Mining

James Crosbie

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Chief Data Officer

Madison Ritchie, Exploration Lead at Common Good Mining

Madison Ritchie

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Exploration Lead

Scott Dunbar, Advisor & Board Member of Common Good Mining

Scott Dunbar

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& Board Member



Liz Lappin, CEO of Common Good Mining

Liz Lappin

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Chief Executive Officer

Craig Dunn, Board Chair & Founder of Common Good Mining

Craig Dunn

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Board Chair &


Lana Eagle, VP Indigenous Affairs and Board Member of Common Good Mining

Lana Eagle

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VP Indigenous Affairs

& Board Member

Courtney Shearer, CFO of Common Good Mining

Courtney Shearer

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Chief Financial Officer

Kari LaMotte_edited.jpg

Kari LaMotte

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CEO, Kite Company Creator

Technology and Business Innovation Expert

Alp Bora_edited.jpg

Alp Bora

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CEO, Alp Bora & Co

Mining Operational Excellence Expert



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