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our business model

mining with a purpose

We believe that social impact is better for business. That’s why we’re committed to a sustainable future, working towards a positive impact in communities around the world, one project at a time.

focus on critical metals

Critical metals are the essential components of clean energy technology. They also support digital advancement and advanced manufacturing applications.

The Canadian Government has listed 31 critical metals, including nickel, copper, and zinc. These metals are an integral part of society's transition towards clean energy solutions.

Critical minerals are a meaningful way for the mining sector to support decarbonization targets.

equity partnerships & co-creation with Indigenous communities

We strive to build long-term and meaningful relationships with local communities because we believe Indigenous knowledge and values are essential to long-term sustainable development.

Equity partnerships can ensure local communities have a leadership role in project development on the land. Co-creation is a way for us to work together and build projects that incorporate a blend of values and strengths.

"tiny mines"

Large-scale mines have delivered millions of tonnes of economic materials. These deposits are often costly to find and develop, and today they facing increasing delays around their environmental and social impacts. All mining will have an impact, but what can we do to reduce it?

Common Good Mining believes there is an opportunity to develop smaller deposits with economic grades more sustainably. This requires the use of modular construction, innovative development methods, and incorporating circular economy designs. We call this concept 'tiny mines'. In addition to environmental benefits, this process could also deliver metals to market faster, with lower Capex.

for profit benefit corporation status

Common Good Mining is a registered for-profit Benefit Company in British Columbia. This allows us to harness the power of capitalism to do good. We incorporate the environment, our partners, the local community, and our investors into the decision making process.

Benefit Company status grants us the flexibility to prioritize broader environmental and social impacts, along with economics, to maximize shared value.

how can you get involved?

Contact us and let's talk about how doing some good together.

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